The way we think about and behave with regards to water resources must change.

Residential owners can increase efforts to

·      reduce the amount of water entering the storm and sewer system by using rain barrels, allowing some rainfall water to permeate yards and gardens and using low flow household fixtures

·      do not pour anything down a storm drain: recognize that anything entering a storm sewer goes directly to a stream and ultimately to a source of drinking water

·      limit fertilizer use and dispose of all waste in an approved manner

Institutions and Industries can increase efforts to

·      collect and utilize rain water

·      use environmentally friendly cleaning products

·      incorporate green infrastructure in roofs and parking lots 

Farmers and Land owners can increase efforts to

·      reduce the amount of water runoff and the soil erosion

·      use cover crops and conservation or no-till practices

·      plant wind breaks, cover crops and buffer strips

·      use 4R Nutrient Stewardship

Municipalities can increase efforts to

·      separate sewage and storm water to avoid "sewage releases" during heavy rainfall

·      invest in green infrastructure, permeated spaces, wetlands

·      sweep streets to eliminate contaminants from entering storm sewers